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Hello friend! Welcome to Mother Bear Studio! I’m Lyn Drennan. 

I hope you enjoy some of my artistic creations, including Derby Chicks and Derby Ducks, whimsical animals, and some of my most recent work–collage pieces.

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Derby Chicks and Ducks

I have been fortunate to collaborate with world-famous milliner, Jenny Pfanenstiel of Forme Millinery Hat Shop, the official milliner of the Kentucky Derby Museum. Most of my feathered gals wear one of Jenny’s  lovely designs.

Each chick and duck has its own name, personality, and style to go with their fancy derby hats. These sassy Derby darlings have been featured in Derby Magazine and can be found in many galleries and shops.

Some like to step out in their finest bling–decked out in pearls and diamonds.  Others prefer a more reserved look. No matter which style they favor, they are all quite classy and chic.  They all share a love of color and the iconic fashion of the Kentucky Derby and the wonderful culture surrounding Derby Day.

If you are interested in having a Derby Chick or Derby Duck painted in your favorite personal Derby hat, feel free to contact me!
To check out locations to purchase Derby Chicks and Derby Ducks, Click Here
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Whimsical Animals

As a child I had a love for animals of all types and I have maintained my affection for animals, which makes it fun and inspiring to create animal art.  

So many animals display fun and whimsy. I enjoy capturing these characteristics in many of my paintings. I look for unique features and details of each animal and then sometimes add my own whimsy as demonstrated by the Derby Chicks and Derby Ducks, and by adding bling to different animals.  

Novelist George Elliott wrote “Animals are such agreeable friends—they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”

I prefer to let the animals speak for themselves, setting them against simple, minimal backgrounds. My most enjoyable aspect of my paintings are an animal’s eyes. Many of my customers have been complimentary in how my paintings have captured the eyes of the subject animal. 

To see more Whimsical Animals, click here!

Pet Portraits

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” –Anatole France

Our pets are family for many of us. It has been an honor to be trusted to immortalize many beloved animal companions in portrait paintings.

Before I begin a pet portrait, I like to meet each special furry friend so I can experience their unique personality and energy. I look for a quirky smile, a mischievous glint in their eyes, and I their behavioral tendencies.

After meeting the animal I request a photo to work from. The quality of the photo is important in capturing the portrait. 

If it is not possible for me to meet the animal I acquire a good photo and ask the customer enough questions to capture the essence of what the customers are wanting. 

Please visit my contact page if you would like to schedule your own pet portrait:
To find out more about a custom Pet Portrait session, click here!


While many are familiar with the idea of piecing together elements to create a collage design, I take it a step further.

I used a form of collage called paper paintings. I recently had the chance to study with world-renowned paper collagist, Elizabeth St. Hilaire, who taught me the art of paper paintings and I have now branched out into torn paper collages.
I start with paper that is white, though it may have some text on it. I do enjoy using handwritten letters as some of my bases. There is something wonderful about capturing the love and emotion of the written word in a piece of art.
Adding color to the paper base as I go along, I use the hand-painted textured paper to build my next creation.
The process of combining torn pieces into a beautiful, unified whole is unlike any other.

To see more Collage pieces, click here!

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Now that you have gotten a small taste of my artwork, I’d love to welcome you again to browse the other pages and find your happiness in them.
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